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Night of Nights - The Anglo-Indian Australasian Association's 50th  Golden Jubilee Celebration 24th September 2022
Alas! today I have recouped some energy after that hectic, enjoyable and great celebration of the Anglo Indian 50th anniversary 'grande'  get together. 
I enjoy observing and expressing my views on social media, to share experiences. 
CONGRATULATIONS TO RODNEY and his committee,  you really deserve Kudos for initiating and holding the Association together for 50 years.
Organising a big event..for a massive group of over 350 folk was a mammoth task.
The event was graced by Mathew Guy member of state parliament. 
The preparation,  the planning and the execution of the event, speaks much about the talent and time spent to commemorate a milestone.   50 years is why  many of us enjoyed being  part of this golden event. Atleast many of us may not be on planet earth for the next milestone. 
RODNEY Almeida.. hails from Cochin, my hometown is Tangasseri  Rodney is a very unassuming personality,  he is married to May  and has a close knit family. Surely, his wife must be encouraging him from behind the scenes.
Although there would have been many factors that could have thrown a wet blanket over his initiative,  Rodney rose above all those odds and served the members with dedication.
Of course RODNEY is a maestro and an astute person who held together and did not succumb to those who did not see eye to eye with him.. He used criticism as stepping stones to his success.
His laudable experience in bringing people together is highly commendable. 
The activities organised are,
Dances,  Bingo,  bus trips to country NSW and to Capital Cities of Australia, and more notably prior to COVID  international group travel.
Rodney is a  man of few words but a man of action.
Action that gives members a lot of fun , laughter   sharing and memories.
RODNEY has a couple of thousand life members, and an enthusiastic committee.
A veteran at handling resources,  RODNEY has a home for the Aged and those young at heart called .. St Josephs Rooming House, located in Noble Park.  Rooms and Units are rented to those in need.
He has also established small self contained units.
There must be much more that he has done to help those who go to him for assistance. 
Even the Prime ministers  of a country would not have kept the country together for more than 3 terms.
50 years of getting a committee to assist and help speaks volumes of how he deals with people .
Members are human and one could hear murmuring behind , but nothing could shake him.
I often wonder why we have various Anglo indian groups that represent each state or place in India,  when everyone who is an Anglo Indian is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 
It reveals the faction between the Anglo Indians of each state.
It would be ideal to identify the get togethers of each state (if they have common interests)
as a The Rangers club ( I think)
The main members of Rodney's committee and volunteers are ideally suited for their job.. 
A few people I noticed who are Rodney's helping hands, 
They are Raelene Kelly, Late Audrey Osborne, Eugene Girton, Peter James, Jeanette Veeren. Geraldine Borgonha, Pam Saldanha,  Debbie Newman,  Debbie Ogg, Gail Eyre, Ken D'Souza, Marcus Fernandez, Robert Almeida, Valerie D'Costa, Lloyd Seaman and Maria D'Costa.

I am sure they are being trained under a master organiser Rodney Almeida.
Let me not forget former members and volunteers Doug Emmanuel, Philip D'Monte, Rawlins sisters and Kevin Peterson to name a few.
The Springvale  City Hall was the ideal selection for such big gathering 
The decor was very aesthetic.
The food by Silver Platter ( Anglo indian caterers) As usual a big buffet with lovely dessert...with chefs dressed in their gear served and attended on the guests.
The bands were exhilarating,  Everest and Lloyd Seaman and Pete Belair and despite my inability to use my legs as when I was in my early 70s .. I managed to move them for a short period. 
The tickets were very reasonable. 
$40 each .. with full fledged buffet dinner
The menu covered.. 
Fried rice
Lemon rice 
Lamb  roast 
Chicken curry
The Egg plant curry is the silver platter signature dish.
Yogurts and salads 
Dessert was 
Kulfi and gulab Jamuns 
Every table had nibbles
A BOTTLE OF SCOTCH & red and white wine.
I wish I was in my early 70s .. I would have embarrassed my husband with my plate topped up atleast for 2 rounds. 
Once again, I wish Rodney the Cochin boy health and longevity so he can continue his wonderful contribution to the community as well as society.

From Diedre Peterson

The Lakes Entrance trip surpassed all our expectations. Clockwork precision organising for pick up with senior citizens mostly was very impressive and the way meals were planned both voluntary items as well as catered for was exceptional. The music was fantastic and we enjoyed and had a lot of fun. The coach was very comfortable and the driver got 10 out of 10 for his safe driving and manner.

So all in all a very well organized tour and hope there are many more like that.


Pri Fernando and Eileen Darby

Dear Rodney 
Dez & I both like to thank you for organising such a great event 50th Golden Anniversary. 
You & you team sure did an excellent job Rodney with everything on the day itself. 
Nice to see a good crowd like that.
God Bless you & May with good health energy and happiness .
Pauline & Dez Locker 

Rodney for the great Jubilee night, your time , effort and years of hard work that gained us members reach this milestone.May God grant you good health to carry on this journey of the Anglo Indian  Association.  Our sincere thanks to the Lady in your life May who supports you in your endeavours. 
Have a nice day!
Warm regards,
Roberta & Leslie Meyers. 

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14 Windella Crescent 
Glen Waverley Vic 3150 
25th March 2024 

To whom it may concern 

We are writing this letter in support of The Anglo-lndian Australasian Association of Victoria and their proposed Celebration of Kingston's Anglo-lndian Community Arts and Sports Day on 9th November 2024 
This Foundation founded in 1971 by Mr Rodney Almeida is an exceptional candidate 
for this Grant because it provides Senior Members with: 
. Social events 
. Overseas, lnterstate and Local tours 
. Day outings 
. opportunities to meet and greet for lunch and games. 

We have had the privilege of joining this Association and going on many social 
events and outings organised by Mr Rodney Almeida and Ms. Geraldine Borgonha, Volunteer Secretary and their committee, and we can attest to their expertise in this field. 
We are Retirees and have been members of The Anglo-lndian Australasian 
Association of Victoria for a number of years and have had the opportunity to travel to many places in Australia and Overseas, and we sincerely thank the Association for this opportunity granted to us. We thoroughly enjoy being members and have found lots of happiness in the many events organised by the Association - Rodney and his Committee certainly do provide care and Entertainment for its many Senior members. 
We strongly support The Anglo-lndian Australasian Association of Victoria who will surely exceed your expectations and be an exceptional candidate for the Kingston Grants Program -2024-27 - Festival Events & Creative Activities grant. 
Benny & Celine Fernandesz 

Dear Rodney 
Thank you for arranging this trip. We had a good time. Lovely bunch of people to travel with, a great Coach driver in John, and your understudy Ken, who with his wife Maria, did a fantastic job. A big hearty thank you to Ken.
We also thank you for the dinner surprise in Victor Harbour. Looking forward to more fun travels.
Michael and Camlin Thompson 

Adelaide and Kangaroo Island 10th to 15th October 2022

Dear Rodney, Jeanette, Ken, Maria, John & Team

A short note to say thank you very much for the meticulous organising of the Adelaide/Kangaroo Island trip which went off without a hitch as far as we were concerned.  Not sure if Ken had any issues but none of us noticed.  

Ken & Maria thank you for all you did on the trip to keep us all comfortable & content.  Especially the amusing way you read the nos. 

John, what can I say.  Your driving skills gave us all the confidence to sit back, relax and even have a snooze.  Your knowledge surpassed all previous tour guides that we have experienced, your courtesy and kindness to us all ‘oldies’ was appreciated very much, specially getting in and out of the coach.  Look forward to using the special steps you ordered on our next trip.

Thank you all.

God Bless

Jeanne Kariyasam

Dear Geraldine

On behalf of my group, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the amazing and memorable trip you hosted to Bright.

Every second of the journey was filled with joy, laughter, and awe-inspiring moments.

From the scenic drive to Mt. Hotham, the breathtaking views of the mountain ranges, to the wonderful company on the coach, every moment was truly special and unforgettable.

We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work in planning and organizing every detail, and we are already looking forward to our next adventure together!

Take care and God Bless

Celine and Benny Fernandesz

Rodney, Geraldine, Committee Members and Volunteers thank you for the great event on Sunday and the past ones and the future ones to come. May God Keep you all always in good health. God Bless. Roberta, Leslie, Ann, Charles, Jackie, Bruce, Austin and Pauline Meyers

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Thanks Geraldine!!!! Your organising allocation and arrangements were great and got things working!!!

Thanks for placing your confidence in the group, to express themselves and talent to the best of their ability!!!!.

Keep up the good community spirit! God Bless!!!!

Have a great season!!!!

Cheers!!!! GOD BLESS

Alan D'Cruz

Dear Rodney, thank you for organising the Carol singing celebration. Des and I enjoyed every minute of it.
We appreciate all the hard work that went into producing this beautiful event.  Thank you to all the participants who gave their time and talent to entertain us and fill our hearts with Christmas cheer. In the current Pandemic situation it helped to lift our spirits as well.

Des and Dimpy Hickman

Thanks Rodney.
To all the participants my gracious appreciation.  The story of Christmas enacted in members' backyards: sheds,  basic backyard furniture - the young and the old - depicts the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas.
The singers and the musicians were good.
Kind regards,
Catherine Michael

Thank you so much Rodney and Team workers for putting together an Amazing Christmas Carols and Concert for viewing on UTUBE,  it was Awesome and definitely brought The Spirit of Christmas to our Homes, lifting our Spirits.  May you All be richly rewarded for your thoughtful and caring ways and hard work, it was well worth it, You All can be very Proud of Yourselves. 

Patricia Fitzgerald

Dear Geraldine,
Thank you for sending through the link. What a great success and a true testament to what can be achieved with a little thought. Well done.
Kind regards
Steve Dimopoulos 
State Member of Parliament for Oakleigh 
Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier 

Hi Geraldine
Thanking you and the Committee for your generous gift card I do appreciate your friendship and hospitality towards me and Suzie.
Both Joey and Myself enjoyed the function on Sunday
Take Care and Best Wishes
Glaxton ( Glaxon )

Hi Geraldine and the AI Assn Committee and Volunteers
Thanks for inviting me to be part of the YouTube Christmas presentation on 5th December 2020.  It made a big difference to us musicians who have had no live events/gigs to perform due to COVID.  Thank you for the voucher too.
Warm regards
Joe D’Rozario

Dear Geraldine and the AI Assn
It has been a pleasure and many sleepless nights J getting the YouTube presentation organized amidst COVID restrictions but we did it successfully. 
My sincere thanks to all the performers and volunteers and especially to the Dept of Premier and Cabinet for the MFE Grant received to organize this event.
The number of viewers climbing past the 17,000 mark is a cause for great celebration and truly in tough times to think that we the Anglo-Indian Australasian Association  in Melbourne can reach all corners of the earth is an amazing achievement.
Yours sincerely
Montel Thomas

Dear Members, Volunteers and friends of the Anglo-Indian Australasian Association  
Thank you for the generosity and community spirit you have shown by informing family and friends through social media all over the world about our YouTube presentation.
Our Annual Carols Dinner Dance would have had 200 people attend but this virtual celebration has brought us to the fore-front with 17,000 + viewers.
We remain thankful and will continue with great gusto what Rodney Almeida started 50 years ago, one man, one dream to keep our community connected through music, dancing, sport and recreation.

To Whomsoever It May Concern

We are an outreach Charity that support agencies that Partner with us supporting clients who are isolated, in financial hardship and experiencing vulnerabilities.

We strongly support the 'The Anglo-Indian Australasian Association of Victoria' and their proposed Celebration of Kingston's Anglo-Indian Community Arts and Sports Day on 9th November 2024. This Association is founded in 1971 who have tirelessly collaborated closely with their members and non-members working in collaboration with the local community encouraging all age groups to feel included and supported.

Most of their initiatives and social gatherings include games, music, food, identifying vulnerable people and linking them with support services. This Association is a great asset to the community. Because people who are struggling behind closed doors due to lack of support and isolation are encouraged to be connected with the community enhancing their health and wellbeing.

GUIH are aware that the association conduct monthly gatherings and activities that encourage people from all walks of life to participate and get involved in art, cultural festivals, promoting regional tours to support exhibition and fairs, country music, cultural events to encourage tourism and support local businesses.

The Association is a very vibrant community that encourages young people to participate share their hobbies and skills and perform their talents in social gatherings encouraging future leadership roles.

We partner with the Association during festive seasons during Easter and December in identifying vulnerable people and sharing essential items to this cohort of people bringing a smile on their faces.  

On an average when the Association conduct Social Gatherings around 200 to 300 people attend and during special events around 500 to 600 people attend and majority of the expenses go towards overhead cost.

GUIH strongly recommends supporting the grant towards Celebration of Kingston's Anglo-Indian Community Arts and Sports Day on 9th November 2024 enhancing people's health and wellbeing.

They also have a registered accountant who file their records and therefore are very transparent in their dealings with money and reporting.

Any questions happy to discuss.

Warm Regards,

Garnet Jacob (President)

0411 286 428


Dear Rodney, 
Sincere thanks for a most enjoyable Carol Singing weekend to Lakes Entrance. 
Both Ebbie and I enjoyed the delicious food, programme, company,entertainment, sightseeing, etc. 
The cruise at the end was the icing on the cake! Lovely!! 
You do so much for the members of the Association. 
Thank you and God bless you, May and family. 
Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2024 bring health and happiness and more fun times! 
Premila & Ebbie

Lovely Poem From Ken and Maria D'Souza for their Alice Springs Trip

Dear Rodney

On behalf of our group, we thank you very much for the fun and memorable tour of Kangaroo Island. 

We enjoyed every moment, from the time we boarded the coach last Saturday, until we returned last night. 

We saw everything we wanted to see plus all the added surprises you gave us!!

5 days of touring with you was very special to us all, and we appreciated your guidance and suggestions. 
We had a great group on the coach, and everyone contributed to the food, fun, and laughter.

We look forward to more future trips with you and thank you once again for all your hard work. 


Celine & Benny Fernandesz

Hi Rodney

Thank you very much for the fun-filled  memorable tour of Kangaroo Island.  

We enjoyed every moment. Thanks for  all the added surprises you gave us!! 

We had a great group on the coach, and enjoyed the food, fun, and laughter. Looking forward to the next trip. We have Broome on our bucket list.Cheers
Charmaine & Colin Rodrigues

Hi Folks,

Shanti and self would like to endorse Celine’s sentiments. Was a very enjoyable trip.

I acquired additional knowledge by memorising the McDonalds menu and am now an expert on their product range.

Look forward to meet up with the group in the near future.

Stay safe and well.
Dalston & Shanti Beling

To Rodney and the entire “Kangaroo Island” group, 
We have no hesitation in echoing the many heartfelt and sincere sentiments so well expressed by many, already. 
Can’t wait to launch into the next exciting trip with a similarly cohesive group!
Delreen and Carlyle Cramer 

Lovely Comment from Pri Fernando and Eileen Darby about their trip to Lakes Entrance for Third Carols Trip on 14th and 15th Dec 2019