1. Cash: Paying cash directly at the St. Joseph's Hostel (25, Llewellyn Court, Noble Park VIC 3174).

2. Cheque: Paying by cheque directly at St. Joseph's

                  OR Posting to: Anglo-Indian Australasian Association of Vic 

                  PO Box: 2206, Oakleigh VIC 3166

3. Internet Banking: Payments can be made using internet banking by filling in the following                                         details when making the payment:

  • Name/Names
  • Name of Tour/Function or Membership Fees
  • Total Amount

Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Anglo-Indian Australasian Association of Vic

BSB: 083 357

Account Number: 39 808 0599

Bank: NAB

*Please notify Rodney Almeida, Raelene Kelly 0400 539 124 and Jeanette Veeren on your mode of payment. Phone: 9798 8483, 9569 6034 or 0407 424 365 or  Jeanette and email: aiaa1971@hotmail.com

*The trip or function must be confirmed before depositing money in to the account.


The Anglo-Indian Australasian Association of Victoria