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21st August 2018

Minister for Aged Care, Family and Health Services

Parliament House


Dear Sir/Madam,

The Association started in 1971 and one of the purposes was to provide a nursing home for the elderly citizens. In 1990 we submitted an application for funding to construct a Hostel for our aged and we were successful to receive a grant to build a 15 bedroom hostel, which was opened in 1994. We cared for the aged with all the requirements for eight years with no complaints in the year 2002 being only a 15 bedroom hostel we were unable to implement all standards and outcomes and the Department took away our beds and promised to help us at a later stage.

It is over sixteen years and we still provide shelter for over 40 members and have a membership of over 3000 members and close to 40,000 members,  who are Anglo-Indians living in Victoria. The population is ageing and we don’t have a nursing home in Victoria, which caters for our community.

This year makes 48 years of service to a very large Multicultural Community and would request the Department to consider providing ageing in place for the Anglo-Indian Community. We would like to work in partnership with the Department towards this facility.

Thanking you

Looking forward to a favourable consideration for our request

Kind regards,

Rodney Almeida
President- Founder