The Anglo-Indian Australasian Association of Victoria

Thank you to our valued Committee members, Sub Committee members and volunteers

Can I have a show of appreciation for all of them. 

In saying this, I would like to acknowledge the hard work done by the spouses of our Committee members and Volunteers

We take this opportunity to thank our wonderful volunteers Heather, Gail, Debbie, Patty, Carl,  Maria, Ken, Lillian, Jenny, Alice, Judy, Malcolm, Elridge, John, Leonie, Gwen, Brian, Alan, Lisa, Lou – Bingo caller extraordinaire,  Tony, Philo, U/Ron, May, Armen, Violet, June, Lyndon, Jean,  Rita, Norman, Sherry, Alister, Lorraine and Hazel from St. Josephs and our Committee and Sub Committee and many other people for all their assistance and support.

As always, thanks to Jeanette and for updating the website and emailing our members.   Thanks to Raelene and Robert for updating Facebook.   I always tell people to do their best to check our website because Jeanette updates it and emails everyone, if she has their email address.

Can I please encourage members to give their email addresses to Jeanette because the updated emails from Jeanette gets the maximum attention and this in turn leads to better attendance at events. 

Hopefully 2022 brings us more tours, trips at best, interstate.

Please encourage your family and friends to become members as we get more recognition from the Victorian and Federal Government as our membership grows.

Thank you to all the wonderful people to support Mechanics Hall once a month (before and after lockdowns) – Whist, Lunch, Bingo and Dancing – we would be lost without your support on these days.  Thanks to our Musicians and dancers.

This year together with Rodney and Jeanette I have written Grants to the Cities of Kingston and Monash and the Victorian Multicultural Commission for the Easter Dance and we have been successful – the amounts are in the Financial statements being passed around.  City of Kingston has given us a Partnership Grant of $1500 for 3 years because they value what we are doing in the Community.  William Angliss Grant of $1000. 

We are also working with MP Steve Dimopoulos and Jordan Crugnale MP, State Member for Bass  to further the aims of our Association in Pakenham.  I have been on various ZOOM Conferences with other Community Organisations during Lockdown so this work continues.

Our Annual 49th Anglo-Indian Association Carol Singing Virtual Celebration which was held on Saturday 5th December 2020 from 7 pm via YouTube was funded by the Department of Premier of Cabinet, Multicultural Festivals and Events for this Digital Event.   There are so many people to thank, many I have not met but our key contributors who organised everything were Andrea Gargano for the contemporary Christmas play and Melbourne Dance Party, Alan D’Cruz and friends, Pam Saldanha and her merry dancers, Dean and Maureen Borthwick, Bernadette Dique, Glaxton Saunders and Joe D’Rozario and Lloyd Seaman.

Thanks to Jeanette for emailing all our members so everyone for primed to watch and enjoy this session.  Montel Thomas who created and edited this presentation  and all those who gave their time so willingly, we had 16,593 viewers with many people telling us that they watched it 3 times last year.   Many thanks to Lloyd Seaman and his wife Geraldine for connecting 500 of their subscribers to this link. 

Dear Members, Volunteers and friends of the Anglo-Indian Australasian Association  
Thank you for the generosity and community spirit you have shown by informing family and friends through social media all over the world about our YouTube presentation.
Our Annual Carols Dinner Dance would have had 200 people attend but this virtual celebration has brought us to the fore-front with 17,000 + viewers.
We remain thankful and will continue with great gusto what Rodney Almeida started 50 years ago, one man, one dream to keep our community connected through music, dancing, sport and recreation.

We did think of doing another video/photo presentation for Youtube to update our AI Assn Youtube channel and did recordings at the Socials at Oakleigh Hall, Easter Dinner Dance and the May Dance but found the recording too noisy and unsuitable for publishing.  Watch this space because Rodney has been working on something special for our Golden Jubilee Celebration.

COVID  restrictions has meant fewer events but whenever we have had a window, we have utilised the opportunity.

Two such opportunities occurred with Bunnings Keysborough Sausage Sizzle on 26th June and 6th November wherein we raised $860 and $900 respectively.  We thank all our volunteers profusely.

Our other members to sincerely thank were Rudy and Lillian Hobkirk, Gail Eyre, Violet and Brian Glewis, Debbie Ogg, Jenny Fernandez, Pam and Claud, Maria and Ken D'Souza, Judy Gonsalvez, Alice Peters, Alister Fuller, Collin Colquhoun and Alister D’Monte who stayed warm near the BBQ from 8:30 to 4 pm.

Goodman Fielder, a bread production Company in Clayton South deserves a big shout out for sponsoring bread to the value of $150.  They gave us 60 loaves of Wondersoft white bread.

Looking forward to seeing most of you at the Dances for the SEASON on 18th and 26th December and 31st our NYE at Springvale Town Hall.

Last but not least, please join me in thanking Audrey who goes on many trips to country NSW even though she is battling health difficulties.  Rodney, May, Armen, Jeanette for all their help in setting up this hall.  Rodney, on behalf of all of us thank you for your generosity of time and good spirit that you put into everything you do for all of us, we are all better because of it.  At this time, we pause to remember and thank Brian DeMonte and his contribution to our community.

May God bless each of you and all your families with good health, joy and peace as we look forward to Christmas and the year 2022.

Geraldine Borgonha on 21 November 2021 - SECRETARY’s REPORT